Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Post

I've obviously been slacking on posting here lately, but isn't that a bit more appropriate for someone claiming to be doing nothing?

And because the news doesn't report on the 280,000 people in Buffalo who didn't get shot or mugged or what have you, but only the one or two pieces of bad news, because we'd eventually tune out such redundancy, it would have been equally redundant to continuously post about just how little I've been doing with myself.

In the full holiday spirit, I began to make myself all the more comfortable with doing absolutely nothing all day. Some days I read, some days I wrote, I usually took a walk and on some days managed to awake at a decent hour.

But those days that I slept in far later than I wished to, those days that I didn't read? I enjoyed them every bit as much as those days that I did read (etc). But now that the holidays (and thus, an obvious excuse) are over, I'm going to try to get back at it here, as well as other projects. I'll make a few retroactive posts in the coming days--I wasn't completely void of ideas these past few weeks--and hopefully will have a few new ones to attack as well.

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