Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting Late

I have more than just this post that I could write tonight, but we'll just go with this one for now.

It's just before 4:00 am and I'm still awake. Though I might, if I laid down right now there's no guarantee that I'd fall asleep right away. Still, my impulse is to put myself to sleep right now because it's so late.

Yet, without any need to awake tomorrow, how is it that there's even such a concept as "late" still in my vernacular? It's just right now. And right now, I'm kind of tired, but still very awake. And that should be that.

Yet, and it's no surprise really, try as I might to remove myself from a normal schedule and normal time frames, I'm still just as much a part of them as ever because everyone I interact with isn't removed from those schedules. And because I have to be quiet for roommates who have to awake tomorrow, and because I make sure to not be in the shower when someone else has to take one for work, and because I try to make sure I eat before or after someone who's just getting home from work, I cannot remove myself from the standard time frames that effect everyone's days equally. The only way I could possibly do that is to remove myself from society completely. And, especially speaking on a Sunday night, why would I want to do that?

In fact, I think I just talked myself into going to bed. After all, it's getting late.

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