Monday, January 7, 2008

Sleep Makes Me Tired

I once again slept away the day today. I saw a little daylight when I woke up to take a shower at 1pm, only to fall right back to sleep afterwards.

And like I said earlier, there's nothing wrong with this schedule. My body has time and again inevitably found its way back to an up-all-night sleep schedule every time I've been without a job. (I had been doing just fine until New Year's Eve saw me up until 6:30am and my schedule hasn't looked back since.)

But the thing that has really held me back is just how much I've been sleeping. I could easily argue that this too seems to be a natural inevitability for my body. Read: I could just argue that I'm inherently lazy.

But the real reason that I'm so lazy is that one of those basic laws of physics that I thought I forgotten so long ago: a body at rest stays at rest.

If I managed to just muster up the necessary inspiration (I don't think that's the word I was looking for, but it'll do right now) to go out and get just a little exercise, I'll be more than good to go. Today I took a 45 minute walk with my roommate and suddenly I had the energy to put up two posts in the same day for the first time in almost a month.

And if I just manage to go for a walk, or ride my bike down Elmwood, or even just walk far enough to pick up a coffee and read at the shop for a little bit, my body is not only awake enough to not have to go right back to sleep and allow me to read for a little while, but I'm also surrounded by enough human interaction going on around me that, even without a job, I still manage to feel a little less lonely.

Lately, I wouldn't care to ask for anything more than that.

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Anonymous said...

this blog is more boring than actually knowing you.